Final Project Update: Taking a different shape than planned

The final project for this class is taking on a different form than I initially planned. I had planned to use google sheets API in my project, and while I am not ruling out that possibility, I am running into some roadblocks. The API seems to require authentication that I can’t get to work quiteContinue reading “Final Project Update: Taking a different shape than planned”

Front End Decisions…Back End Decisions…Decisions.

Activity 12 was a good activity to start learning about Angular front-end development, especially with making REST API calls. However, lack of a strong HTML / CSS background may leave some people a bit behind when trying to build something a little more robust. The Tour of Heroes angular tutorial can be pretty useful forContinue reading “Front End Decisions…Back End Decisions…Decisions.”

Javascript vs. Typescript

As someone fairly new to coding, learning new languages is both fun and painful. When I heard we were going to be doing some web development, I figured Javascript would be involved, and I had a brief moment of panic. I am a frequenter of subreddits like /r/programmerhumor, or other humor-based tech blogs, and thereContinue reading “Javascript vs. Typescript”

Exploring the Singleton Design Pattern

As we start to learn about more design patterns and their implementations in class, I wonder more and more about their application in the real world, as well as how they are perceived by modern developers. So far, for each design pattern we have learned, a relatively good job has been done in showing theContinue reading “Exploring the Singleton Design Pattern”

The Importance of Writing Well

Today I stumbled upon a blog post titled: Undervalued Software Engineering Skills: Writing Well by Gergely Orosz. That can be found here: I found this linked tangentially where the author was mentioning that in order to create clear diagrams that everyone can follow, honing your writing skills in general is one aspect of accomplishingContinue reading “The Importance of Writing Well”

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