Front End Decisions…Back End Decisions…Decisions.

Activity 12 was a good activity to start learning about Angular front-end development, especially with making REST API calls. However, lack of a strong HTML / CSS background may leave some people a bit behind when trying to build something a little more robust. The Tour of Heroes angular tutorial can be pretty useful for a really comprehensive, step by step guide on building a working front-end of a particular style. This could be useful with our upcoming final project to design a single-page web app. I think my plan, for now, will be to start simple, and build on the project as I have more time. I would be interested in eventually implementing the sort of “Second page” that Tour of Heroes has.

For front-end ideas, I did download Professor Wurst’s STEM-TV project and run it. While I appreciated the lecture he gave on the app, I do feel a POGIL style exercise may be beneficial for future classes to really get into the meat of it.

The back-end for my project has been something I’m wracking my brain over. I would like to try to utilize some of google sheets’ REST API features if possible. I am going to experiment with that line of thinking and see where it takes me. I have data that I have actually built myself based on games of Rocket League. I don’t think the data is particularly interesting, but it’s personal and fun.

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